Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Storm and Cleanup in a Little Rock Warehouse

When a tropical storm rips the corner of the metal roof, and a bay door, the strong winds, and some rain disrupted this facility in Little Rock. For insurance p... READ MORE

Water Damaged Kitchen in Maumelle

The failed coupling from the ice-maker supply line covered this inexpensive, laminated wood-type flooring with water. The boards absorbed some of the water. SER... READ MORE

Storm Damage Cleanup In Gibson

When your home experiences a flood damage emergency you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. When our storm damage experts arrive at ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Electronics In Little Rock

Our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Little Rock was contacted regarding a fire damage emergency at a home in Little Rock. Not only did the structure suffer damage ... READ MORE

Gibson Water Damage Means Mold Remediation

When a water leak is ignored in a Gibson kitchen, bad things can happen. The base cabinets, possibly some drywall panels, and hardwood flooring can be damaged b... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Little Rock

When your commercial property experiences a water damage emergency you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. We provide 24-hour emerge... READ MORE

Little Rock Home and Rescued Hardwood Flooring

When interior plumbing forced volumes of water onto a hardwood floor in a Little Rock home, damage can be both expensive to remedy and may also leave the homeow... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Little Rock House

Fire damage at the home office of this Little Rock house left the computer equipment in pretty bad shape. Pictured in the before photo is an Acer monitor that w... READ MORE

Little Rock Storm Damage Is Real

When hurricanes and tropical storms blow through this Little Rock area of Louisiana, the Before Photo shows the devastation that can be left behind. SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Maumelle

Mold is a pain to deal with, and you need a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Northwest Little Rock to assist you. Our remediation specialists ar... READ MORE