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Effective Mold Removal for Little Rock Residents

1/16/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO box truck with equipment in the truck and on the sidewalk Our SERVPRO professionals are equipped with the tools and expertise to assist you with mold damage remediation in your Little Rock home.

SERVPRO in Little Rock Offers Expert Mold Remediation Services

Microbial growth usually occurs when moisture gets into the home. Mold spores grow rapidly in the right conditions. The typical life cycle for micro-organisms is from spore to colony within 72 hours. These short cycles mean that an infestation can creep up unnoticed by a homeowner. SERVPRO offers qualified remediators to help return your home to a normal condition. 

Properties with mold damage in Little Rock tend to worsen before they get better. The affected area may have to be stripped down to the structural framework to resolve the underlying infestation under challenging situations. The good news is that the most affected materials are usually the cheapest and easiest to replace. Expensive organic materials such as floorboards or structural frames are generally less porous than Gypsum board or drywall. Since fungi penetrate surfaces through hyphae, less porous materials tend only to suffer light surface damages from an infestation, whereas more porous materials can often be completely penetrated. Even when there are signs of a deeply embedded mold problem, our technicians can often use abrasive equipment such as sandblasters to remove surface layers and save most material.

Abrasive Cleaning Methods Used in Microbial Remediation

  • Steel wool and dry brushes can be effective on solid, dense materials that are unlikely to scratch. 
  • Sand, soda, and ice blasting equipment is the most efficient method for removing fungi but can end up stripping varnishes or paint along with microbes.
  • Chemical strippers are useful when there is a microbial presence, but the underlying material is dry. 

Deciding on the best method for ridding a property of microbial growth requires training and expertise. Our technicians attain nationally recognized qualifications in applied microbial remediation (AMRT) before working on your home and usually have extensive experience in more general areas of water damage restoration, mitigation, and repair. Understanding different methodologies for removal and when to apply them is critical to ensuring that our remediation is as efficient as possible. We can also help address the underlying cause, which gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that an infestation is unlikely to return. At SERVPRO, we provide our technicians with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure they can put their training to use in the most effective way possible. 

Preventing Microbial Growth in Residential Properties

  • Installing vapor barriers in crawlspaces can help prevent water vapor from condensing onto a subfloor and causing an infestation.
  • Checking roofing after adverse weather conditions can help to guard against microbial infestation in attic spaces.
  • Ensuring proper insulation in all rooms of the home, including external spaces like garages, can reduce the likelihood of moisture buildup.

It is impossible to sanitize a home environment from potential microbial growth thoroughly. However, SERVPRO professional remediation technicians can help to ensure that spores do not grow into full-size colonies and cause a problem in your home. We are experts at dealing with secondary damages associated with molds, including odor problems, water mitigation, and drywall replacement. 

If you suspect a microbial growth issue in your home, contact SERVPRO of Little Rock for mold damage remediation at (501) 803-9700.

How Little Rock Residents Can Spot Hidden Signs of Water Damage

1/16/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van parked on the street We have the equipment and training to restore your Little Rock home to pre-damage condition after water damage strikes.

SERVPRO Water Mitigation Experts are On-hand to Help in Little Rock

Water migration is a process that occurs when liquids move from one area to another, from wet to dry. Migration can happen in the wet rooms of your home from washrooms, kitchens, or showers. Usually, these rooms are specially sealed and incorporate dense materials like porcelain or tiles to protect against moisture migration. In some situations, the sealant can wear, leading to ceiling leaks and wall and decor damage. 

Timely intervention with professional restoration services can prevent water damage in your Little Rock home. A leak does not always result in liquid dripping from ceilings or walls. Sometimes, discoloration of paintwork can indicate a problem in the washroom above. These types of damage are usually the direct result of deterioration in the building's assembly or plumbing system and do not go away by themselves. It is common for local homeowners to use SERVPRO technicians to help diagnose and remedy the issue. Our technicians have qualifications for water damage restoration (WRT) and applied structural drying (ASD). We understand how moisture can move through a building and the type of damage it causes. We are also well versed in the structure of a home, with the ability to investigate the likely source of an issue and fix potential damage. 

The Causes of Persistent Leaks in your Home

  • Deterioration in tiles can allow liquid to seep through cracks in the grout or the tiles themselves. Resealing tiles is home maintenance that should be carried out every two years. 
  • Jointing between showers and the floor can also deteriorate, which leads to moisture migration every time you run the shower causing water damage. 
  • Slow leaks in sink and drainage architecture usually occur at joints of pipes and can cause a permanent problem in your home. 

If wetrooms in your home are not maintained or resealed every two years, there is a chance of moisture seeping through the grout and residing behind tiles. Most tiles are fixed to drywall or gypsum board which can rot away with persistent exposure to moisture. Worse yet, excessive quantities can leak into cavities between walls and floors, leading to dripping from ceilings and increasing the possibility of weakening the property's structural integrity. One method we use to find the source of a moisture problem is through advanced measuring equipment. Most materials used in a building assembly have an equilibrium state of moisture content measured in a percentage. Lumber, for example, has an equilibrium balance of 12%. Drywall can vary from 5% to 12% while still being in the equilibrium range. 

We use sensors and meters to detect the exact moisture content of building materials accurately. Some measuring equipment uses penetrative probes. Other equipment measures the temperature of the surface to calculate the likelihood of unbalanced moisture content. Since tiles can be time-consuming to remove, SERVPRO can use thermal imaging cameras to ascertain whether there is a leak or other cause for concern residing behind the tiles before taking action. If there is a cause for concern, our team can use drying systems specifically designed for home use. These drying systems mainly involve pumping heated, dry air into cavities of the home to evaporate water quickly, which is the most effective mitigation against mold growth, rot, or permanent damage. 

Common Drying Systems Used in Residential Properties

  • Air movers blast a direct and concentrated passage of hot air directly against surfaces or cavities and are much more effective than traditional fan ventilation systems.
  • Injectidry systems enter wall cavities through small holes drilled beneath the baseboards of walls and circulate warm air to remove traces of moisture.
  • Technicians can safely demolish non-salvageable drywall before deploying powerful venting fans to dry out cavities and building framework. 

If you notice any typical symptoms of a leak in your home, contact SERVPRO of Little Rock for water damage restoration at (501) 803-9700.

The Restoration Process for Fire Damage in Little Rock

1/16/2023 (Permalink)

two employees documenting damaged items in a home Fire damage leaves behind charred contents and lingering odors. Contact SERVPRO for thorough remediation services in your Little Rock home.

SERVPRO Offers Fire Cleanup and Odor Control to Little Rock Residents

The home is full of fuel sources for a potential fire. Common textiles like mattresses, draperies, and sheets can combust with exposure to high temperatures or direct flames. One of the leading causes of damage from combusting materials is smoke deposits that rapidly expand outward from the source. SERVPRO can help organize and manage your home restoration after a disaster. 

The underlying causes of fire damage in Little Rock homes can often be traced back to open ignition points, with the number one cause being unattended stoves. Usually, these types of fire involve the burning of animal protein which can leave behind greasy smoke deposits. Unlike organic materials, which generally leave behind a powdery smoke residue, items that involve animal fats or synthetic material often require special care and attention to remove. The immediate aftermath of a housefire often requires the most organization. Belongings must be inspected individually to ascertain their level of repairability while simultaneously making plans for safe storage either on-site or in an external warehouse. There is also a careful examination of the structure, surfaces, and fittings where technicians test for cleanability and smoke type. Finally, water used during the firefighting procedure can be an additional source of damage that needs immediate mitigation. 

The Early Stages of Homefire Restoration

  • Sorting through belongings, including storage options and arranging for services such as dumpster trucks for debris and potential subcontractor requirements.
  • Setting up a staging area for equipment and containment controls to avoid spreading soot from one location to another.
  • Water mitigation is often necessary to help reduce the impact of smoke odors and prevent secondary damages.

The planning phase of homes fire damage restoration is among the most crucial. Our technicians can perform mitigation tasks to reduce losses, arrange for the correct equipment, and speak with your insurance adjuster during this time. From a homeowner's perspective, the main task is to provide authorization for technicians to carry out restoration work. This task is completed by providing your signature on an authorization to complete the services form. We understand how impactful fires can be to a homeowner and the level of disruption they can cause to your everyday life. Our crew chiefs can answer any questions you may have during this period to stay in the loop and make sure you have a realistic time frame for the services carried out. 

The Core Tasks for Your Home Restoration

  • Mitigation is the process of reducing losses, including covering surfaces to protect them from falling ash, drying the property, and securing it against theft.
  • A cleaning phase allows technicians to salvage as much of the structure, fittings, and belongings as possible. Cleaning can also help to reduce odors significantly.
  • Restoration usually involves the replacement of non-salvageable materials. Special services like wood refinishing, carpet cleaning, deodorization, and repainting are common tasks in the restoration phase.

Cleaning smoke residues can be challenging without the correct training, equipment, and experience. In property fires, chemical cleaning is usually necessary to remove stubborn soot deposits. In broad terms, chemical cleaners are split between water-based cleaning agents like detergents and oil-based solvents. Detergents can help rinse light to moderate smoke residues but can have the opposite effect on the greasy smoke residues usually found in a kitchen. We use solvents that suspend soot particles in the chemical solution for wet smoke. Our team can then wash away the solvent and the soot in a rinsing agent. 

If a fire breaks out at your property, contact SERVPRO of Little Rock for fire damage restoration at (501) 803-9700.

Carpet Water Cleanup at Your Little Rock Home with SERVPRO

1/15/2023 (Permalink)

a broken copper pipe leaking water Dealing with a burst pipe scenario, your house needs quick attention. Call SERVPRO as our technicians will make your emergency our priority.

Drying Carpets after Little Rock Water Damage

A pipe burst is one way your Little Rock home may sustain moisture damage. Such an event can result from freezing temperatures, unusual pressure, and clogs, among other factors. No matter the cause of the pipe burst, it is crucial to act quickly. When a pipe bursts, a significant amount of water can flood your property, damaging porous building materials such as drywall and precious personal items. The absorption gradually ruins the structure and your belongings unless immediate action is taken.

Emergency water cleanup service for Little Rock homes is important when dealing with flooding. You should know that microbial growth begins if your property is not dried within 48 hours. SERVPRO focuses on extracting as much standing water from your home as possible. When contacted soon, our crew can dry the property before the 48-hour period, which minimizes the chances of mold growth. Also, if the water has only flooded a portion of your home, our goal is to keep it from soaking into other areas, especially if you have wood floors.

Other areas that need quick interventions

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronics

The floors and items sitting directly on them, such as carpets and furniture, are normally the first casualty after a water intrusion, especially if the burst pipe is situated below a sink. This leads to several inches of water accumulating on your floors.

Carpet restoration 

If the carpet is completely saturated, a truck-mounted extractor with a regular wand can extract a large amount of water. If the rug is not completely covered in water, using a shop vac may suffice as it has enough suction power compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. Moisture can severely damage the carpet padding, so SERVPRO crews remove it and install a new one.

Various carpet drying techniques

  • Floating the carpet
  • In-place drying
  • Hovering the rug over the pad
  • Drying the carpet flat

SERVPRO of Little Rock is committed to providing rapid water cleanup by removing excess moisture in your home, thus preventing issues such as mold growth, basement flooding problems, major structural issues, and more. Call us at (501) 803-9700. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Repairing and Preventing Water Damage in Little Rock

12/12/2022 (Permalink)

inside of water damaged home, drywall and flooring removed Our area is prone to strong storms and flooding events year round. But you can rest easy. SERVPRO is always on call.

SERVPRO Is an Expert at Storm-Related Water Damage Restoration

Periods of unpredictable weather can be a nightmare for homeowners. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding cause property damage. These damages can occur to roofing, porches, crawlspaces, and garages. Often, a violent storm can stack problems causing damage to the interior of your home. A strong wind, for example, can destroy roofing tiles. Without sufficient protection, loft spaces become exposed to torrential rainfall leading to wet insulation, ceiling leaks, and potential mold issues. SERVPRO is a dedicated restoration team with experience repairing storm-related problems. 

We Repair:

  • Ceiling leaks
  • Water damage 
  • Flooded crawlspaces

There are several challenges for storm-related water damage in Little Rock. If the roofing is damaged, the first port of call is to stem the water flow. Our emergency services can prevent rainwater intrusion by sealing roof cavities with a tarp or boarding up larger holes with a plyboard. After mitigating the source of the problem, we can begin reversing the existing damages. Our technicians scope the attic by removing wet insulation and inspecting potential moisture migration onto beams and roof underlay. Drying the attic space requires advanced structural drying equipment with large venting box fans or rapid air movers to dry damp attic spaces before a microbial infestation can occur.

Mitigating Damages in Wet Attics

  • Machines that generate airflow are the most useful for encouraging evaporation. However, a portable furnace combined with a dehumidifier can also be effective.
  • Technicians may use EPA-registered biocides or antimicrobial treatment on beams and underlay to discourage mold growth.
  • Wet insulation must be removed, disposed of, and replaced to prevent secondary issues, which is usually inexpensive to complete.

Roofs and attic spaces are at high risk of water intrusion during the winter, but there are preventive measures that homeowners can perform to prevent emergencies. Ice dams exert extra pressure onto roof and drainage systems. Removing these during the winter months using a rubber mallet or applying powdered sodium chloride can protect the roof structure and prevent water intrusion issues in the future. 

Experienced technicians are a fundamental asset in emergency roof repair. Contact SERVPRO of Little Rock for water damage technicians at (501) 803-9700.

SERVPRO Provides Commercial Water Removal in Little Rock

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

outside view of office building Our team works to remove water and moisture and avoid mold growth and secondary damage from water and high humidity.

Can SERVPRO Maintain Normal Commercial Operations During Water Removal in Little Rock?

Water removal in a commercial building in Little Rock can disrupt day-to-day operations, affecting employees, customers, suppliers, and cash flow. Closing the facility until the water is removed and the floors and contents are dried and cleaned can take several days or even longer, depending on the damage. Clients want to know if we can maintain temporary operations while removing water and cleaning and drying are underway.

SERVPRO provides Little Rock water removal services for our commercial clients. We are available 24/7 and can be on-site in less than four hours from your call. Our job is to return our clients to normal operations as fast as possible. We remove water and moisture and avoid mold growth and secondary damage from water and high humidity. We mobilize high-capacity water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

We also work closely with our clients to devise solutions that enable them to maintain temporary operations while water removal, cleaning, and drying are underway. One of the methods  SERVPRO utilizes is to establish containment areas. We install plastic barriers to contain and separate commercial spaces unaffected by water damage from contaminated spaces.

Establishing containment areas prevents contaminants from spreading to uncontaminated areas, allows employees to continue working, and protects employees and customers from any pollutants or mold spores that may be present. We wrap the area in 6-mil polyethylene from floor to ceiling and seal doors and windows.

SERVPRO technicians may also establish clean rooms, equipment rooms, and areas where we bag materials before removal. We take all necessary precautions to prevent the further spread of contaminated materials to employee workspaces and customer-facing work areas unaffected by the damage from water leaks.

We provide the following water removal services to our commercial clients:

  • Water Removal Services and Cleanup
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Inspections, Remediation, and Removal

Call SERVPRO of Little Rock for Commercial water removal services. We provide service to Little Rock and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (501) 803-9700.

The Cleaning Actions of Fire Restoration in Little Rock Homes

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on wall Cleaning up after soot and smoke soils can be one of the most significant challenges of fire recovery services.

There Are Multiple Cleaning Methods for Fire Restoration

Cleaning up after soot and smoke soils can be one of the most significant challenges of fire recovery services our SERVPRO team provides. With our substantial inventory of cleaning products and agents, we can tailor our cleanup to the specific situation. Typical cleaning actions for soot removal include:

  • Mechanical
  • Lubrication
  • Chemical
  • Suspension

Mechanical Actions 

Various forms of mechanical action can greatly aid fire restoration of Little Rock homes. SERVPRO can often use agitation before applying cleaning agents to improve the effectiveness of these products and their intended results. HEPA vacuuming loose soil and debris from soot-covered surfaces is an example of this helpful agitation. 

The Benefit of Lubrication

The premise of lubrication cleaning is to create a slippery surface so that soils can no longer adhere to the surface and can be wiped away. Detergents used in this process can also emulsify the soils, aiding in this approach's effectiveness. 

Chemical Actions to Clean Homes 

Certain chemical products will alter the composition of the soot or its effect on surfaces. These alterations, such as stain removal and brightening, can be a step towards completely removing the appearance of soot and smoke residue damage.  

The Science of Suspension/Dispersion 

After soils loosen, suspension and dispersion of soils are among the most common approaches to cleaning after fire damage. Suspension involves soot dissolving into the cleaning product with a solution of similar composition. Emulsification acts like oil and water repel one another, where soils are pushed from a surface and prevented from reattaching so wipe cleaning can be successful.

Multiple cleaning approaches are possible when overcoming soot, smoke residues, and soil deposits on building materials and contents. Our commitment to continued training ensures we have the latest techniques and products to resolve surface damage issues efficiently. Our SERVPRO of Little Rock team is ready anytime to help at (501) 803-9700.

SERVPRO Is a Mold Cleanup Leader in the Little Rock Area

9/6/2022 (Permalink)

a mold covered ceiling in the corner of a room Finding mold in your house can cause many problems. Our professionals are ready for the remediation job 24/7. They are standing by.

Swift and Effective Mold Cleanup in Little Rock

Finding the right Little Rock firm to handle your project is the key to fast and effective mold remediation. It is essential to locate one with the requisite background, training, experience, and equipment to do your job right. SERVPRO is just such a cleanup and restoration company with the reputation and everything needed to provide you with the highest quality service.

SERVPRO has often been recognized as one of the best mold cleanup services in Little Rock. As such, we have repeatedly received the highest marks and reviews for our mold inspection, basement mold remediation, attic mold removal, and black mold repair work. Currently, SERVPRO has a 4.9/5.0 star rating on Google Reviews and has received countless exceedingly positive testimonials from satisfied customers. With that said, some of our best attributes are:

  • Our decades-long background in successfully handling even the most challenging of the Little Rock area’s mold cleanup and restoration needs
  • Being operated by D.E. Investments, Inc., a large management company and government contractor that offers emergency services to government agencies and has extensive experience/resources in both Arkansas and Louisiana
  • Having at our disposal the specialized engineering, construction, remediation, and project management knowledge of its co-owners, Don Legg and Ed Aydlett
  • The expertise of 75 full-time employees and that of numerous highly-trained technicians that form part of the nationwide Disaster Recovery Team
  • Possessing an arsenal of all the latest industry gear, like high-tech wet vacs and extractors, air movers and high-velocity box fans, dehumidifiers and Injectidry systems, foggers, and all of the most powerful antifungals and deodorants

Harnessing all of the power of its various resources, SERVPRO has consistently ranked in the top ten national franchises in recent years.

Keeping this in mind, remember that SERVPRO of Little Rock is always here for you whenever you need mold cleanup work done. Contact us at (501) 803-9700 if you ever need assistance.

SERVPRO Delivers Professional Water Restoration Services to Little Rock

9/6/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the gray tile floor If you spot water damage in your home, be sure to contact SERVPRO immediately. Our technicians will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Restoration is Available 24/7 in Little Rock From SERVPRO

Little Rock has a rich history, and surprisingly, the number one point of interest is not a monument, museum, or plaque; it is the Little Rock Central High School (LRCHS). This school was the starting point of forced desegregation of public schools after the United States Supreme Court ruled in 1957 that segregation was unlawful and unconstitutional. The school is located at the corner of Park Street and the renamed Daisy L Gatson Bates Drive. 

Central High School opened in 1869 after the former public school, the Sherman School, a school that operated out of a wooden shack-like structure, got replaced due to Little Rock's growth. Because Sherman could no longer accommodate the number of students, a larger school needed to be built.  The structure got updated in 1927 in the Gothic Revival Style, and the building received praise as the largest and most expensive high school in the United States. The four statues placed around the interest represent the four pillars of successful education and are: 

  • Ambition
  • Personality
  • Opportunity 
  • Preparation 

Daisy Gatson-Bates in Little Rock

Daisy Bates was a central figure in the integration of Little Rock schools. She was born in the southern part of the state and later relocated to Little Rock as a young woman. Raised by her mother's family's close friend, they told her mother died, and her father abandoned her. She eventually reconnected with her father, who told her not to fill herself with anger concerning her mother's death but rather turn her energy towards helping people move forward and live peacefully together in Little Rock. This led to Daisy getting elected as the President of the Arkansas NAACP branches. She turned her focus on education and the need for students of all ethnic backgrounds to attend school together, and she heralded the integration of Central High School in the late 1950s.

Do Little Rock Homeowners Need Professional Water Restoration After Water Tank Leaks?

There can be multiple issues that require professional water restoration services in Little Rock properties after a water tank leak. 

There are a few things the determine how much of a problem exists in the home after this type of water damage, such as: 

  • The location of the tank
  • How much water dispersed into the home
  • The amount of time that passed before the cleanup began

If the tank is in an upstairs utility room, SERVPRO IICRC-certified techs need to address water between floors in the floor joists and possible ceiling issues below. The average tank in a home is 30 to 55 gallons, and that is a tremendous amount of water released in a home requiring multiple extraction units for removal. 

SERVPRO of Little Rock at (501) 803-9700 serves the local Little Rock area for all types of professional water restoration. The techs arrive quickly and make the water damage, “Like it never even happened.”

Are You Concerned about Flood Damage in North Little Rock?

9/6/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with furniture floating around Our team is here to take care of your home after a flood has occurred. Contact us 24/7 for water removal and drying services.

SERVPRO Helps Residents when Floods Strike

No visit to Arkansas would be complete without a stop at its capital, Little Rock. With a population of 197,312 people, Little Rock is the cultural, economic, and government center within the state. If you want to explore the area's rich history and culinary traditions, Little Rock is an ideal base to do it from. The city gets its name from a small rock formation on the Arkansas River, which was a famous historic river crossing and a useful landmark.

Little Rock has a long history. French explorer Jean-Baptiste Bénard de la Harpe gave the area the name Little Rock in 1772. A fur trapper built the first temporary home in the area in 1812, and the city was incorporated in 1831. 

Enjoy Arts and Culture in Little Rock

Little Rock provides a hub of arts, culture, food, and history. If you stop for a visit, you will not want to miss these cultural gems:

  • The Arkansas Arts Center is home to a permanent collection of drawings by name noted artists. Among the collection, you will find works by Degas, Rembrandt, and Picasso. The museum also hosts a yearly Arkansas Delta exhibition featuring artists from the Mississippi Delta region.
  • Wildwood Park for the Arts is a unique art center located in the central valley. Wildwood exists to spark the imagination and promote connection with nature and art. The site includes a theater and hosts special events throughout the year. You can also explore multiple gardens, including a water garden, wildflower glen, and Asian garden.
  • Mosaic Templars Culture Center promotes knowledge of African-American art and culture throughout Arkansas. The museum houses a permanent collection, a discovery center, and a performing arts space.
  • Old State House is the oldest state capitol west of the Mississippi. It was the site of the fourth constitutional convention, where attendees agreed to ensure voting rights for freedmen. The building has been a medical school, government office, and a war memorial. These days it is a museum where you can view exhibits related to Arkansas history, including the inauguration gowns of Arkansas' first ladies.

If all that history is making you hungry, Little Rock will not disappoint you. Arkansas has a delicious food culture. Barbecue and smoked meats are very popular here, and you will find plenty of places serving barbecue, pulled pork, hog roasts, and ribs, with traditional side dishes. Fried catfish and fried pickles are also popular, and so is cheese dip. The Mississippi Delta also has its own style of tamales, made with spiced cornmeal.

Helping Residents Prepare for Flood Damage

Arkansas suffered extensive flooding in 2019 when the Arkansas River flooded due to heavy rainfall. The local government declared a state of emergency, and the floods claimed five lives and caused over $3 billion in damages.

You cannot prepare for every flood, but there are some things you can do:

  • Store all medicines, for people and pets, in watertight containers and on an upper floor if you can.
  • Keep all necessary paperwork in a watertight box and store it somewhere easy to grab.
  • Have an emergency kit with food, medicine, clothes, phone chargers, and pet supplies close at hand.

If you need help with storm damage clean up in your house, call SERVPRO. We will evacuate water, dry out your home and belongings, and clean and restore as many items as possible. We also take care of home repairs and deodorization.

For help with flood damage, call SERVPRO of Little Rock at (501) 803-9700.